Beat dry skin with this unique moisture binding emollient that provides deep lasting hydration.

                                                                  30 min $40

Body Treatments

Therapeutic massage session tailored to meet the unique needs of the client.

                                                                        30 min $50

                                                                        60 min $75

                                                                        90 min $90



Deep pressure massage performed with the feet.

                                                                        30 min $50

                                                                        60 min $75

                                                                        90 min $90

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The Works


Detox your skin and improve elasticity with the green powerhouse containing Klamath Blue-Green Algae.

                                                                    60 min $50

*Not recommended for those with shellfish allergies

Luxurious Hydrating Body Wrap

Premium massage that includes a combination of the following: Mechanical Vibration, Sole Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, Stretching and Reflexology.

                                                                     30 min N/A

                                                                     60 min $85

                                                                     90 min $100

French Green Clay Body Wrap

Customized Massage Session

Sole Therapy

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